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Jan 29, 2017

NFL 2017 Conference Championship Games:

  • Scores:
    • Packers (21) versus Falcons (44)
      • Rekaya and Angela picked Packers
    • Steelers (17) versus Patriots (36)
      • Rekaya and Angela picked Steelers


  •  Packers vs. Falcons Discussion 


  • Steelers vs. Patriots Discussion

NFL 2017 Super Bowl 51 Picks and Discussion:

  • Falcons versus Patriots
    • Rekaya’s pick: Patriots
    • Angela’s pick with scores: Falcons 33 and Patriots 32

NCAA College Basketball:

  • Congratulations: On January 24, 2016, Marquette Golden Eagles (74) beat Villanova Wildcats (72). Game: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


  • Are you watching Pro Bowl (AFC versus NFC) on January 29, 2017?

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