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Oct 7, 2017

Hosts: Rekaya Gibson and Angela Spears

Fun fact: In 1910, Bob Zuppke created the Flea Flicker - a football play where the quarterback hands off the ball to the running back, who then throws a backwards pass back to the quarterback, followed by the quarterback making a forward pass to a receiver.

NCAA Football

  • Rekaya and Angela discusses the Mississippi St. (3) vs. Georgia (31) game.
  • Games to watch: Louisiana State University vs Florida; and Michigan vs Michigan State


  • Rekaya and Angela discuses several games.
    • Chicago (23) vs Pittsburgh (17)
    • Los Angeles Rams (35) vs Dallas Cowboys (30)
    • Raiders (10) vs Broncos (16)
    • Panthers (33) vs Patriots (30)
    • Colts (18) vs Seahawks (46)

NBA Update

  • WNBA
    • Congratulations Minnesota Lynx WNBA Champions – beat Los Angeles Sparks 85-76
  • NBA
    • Chicago Dwayne Wade traded to Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Season starts October 17 – Opening Games:
      • Boston vs Cleveland (H) at 8 pm (TNT)
      • Houston vs Golden St. (H) at 10:30 pm (TNT)

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