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Jul 30, 2017

Host: Rekaya Gibson

Co-host: Angela Spears, Dream Living Coach

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Competitive Eating

  • Yes, competitive eating is a sport.
  • Competitive eating is an activity in which participants compete against each other to consume large quantities of food in a short time period, usually about 8 to 10 minutes. Person consuming the most food wins prizes.
  • Popular in the United States, Canada, and Japan
  • Major League Eating (MLE), headquartered in New York, is an organization that sanctions professional competitive eating events and television specials.
    • Signature Championship Belt: The Mustard Yellow Belt
    • Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, July 4
      • Male Winner: Joey Chestnut (72 hot dogs)
      • Female Winner: Miki Sudo (41 hot dogs)
    • All Pro Eating is the only Independent Competitive Eating organization in the world. It officially sanctions competitive eating contests.

Source: Wikipedia

  • Competitive Eating Fun Facts:
    • Competitive eaters practice by eating and drinking large quantities to stretch out their stomachs.
    • Eaters starve themselves before a contest to have great stomach capacity
    • Participants eat standing up
    • Eaters swallow tennis-ball sized clumps of food.
    • Water is used as lubricant to prevent eaters from choking.
    • Some contest prohibits liquids. Nathan does, but you can moisten food.
    • No condiments (some competitions allow them)
    • Vomiting disqualifies eater.
    • Eaters can have food in their cheeks when time is called and it counts toward their total if they swallow it within 30 seconds.
    • No recorded deaths, but stomach can rupture and you can get water intoxication.

Sources: (Reader’s Digest and Mental Floss)

Other Sports News


  • WNBA All-Star Game, July 22, 2017
    • West 130, East 121 - Maya Moore, Most Valuable Player
    • Slam Dunk Competition
  • Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving asked to be traded.
  • Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose traded to Cleveland Cavaliers.
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  • Kansas City Owner Clark Hunt said he wouldn't have a problem signing Colin Kaepernick if Chiefs coach Andy Reid or general manager Brett Veach wanted to add him. (Source: CBS Sports)
  • Dallas Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead
  • University of Mississippi Coach Hugh Freeze resigned for misdialing escort service. (Source: Yahoo Sports)


  • Troy Mullins, Maurice Allen Win 'Mile High Showdown' World Long Drive Event (Source: CBS Sports)


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