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Oct 17, 2019

Host Rekaya Gibson chats with special guest Author Andra Douglas, a national champion athlete in rugby and women’s tackle football. She discusses her career as a football player, being the owner of the New York Sharks (now New York Wolves) women’s professional football team, and her latest book, “Black and Blue.” She also shares her predictions about the future of women’s football.

About Andra Douglas

Andra Douglas is the author of Black and Blue, a novel loosely based on her own story.  A national champion athlete in rugby and women's tackle football, she was the owner of the New York Sharks Women's Pro Football team for nineteen years and is the founder of the Fins Up! Foundation for Female Athletes, a non-profit to benefit at-risk teens.  In addition to her love of football, Andra is a professional artist and served as a Vice President/Creative Director at Time Warner for many years. Today, she lives with her parrot, 'Pie' in New York’s Greenwich Village where she creates mixed-media artwork.  To learn more, visit: She is a native of central Florida and a graduate of Florida State University and Pratt Institute. 

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