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Apr 18, 2017

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT)

  • PIT was held on April 12 to 15, (Portsmouth, VA), a 4-day, 12-game tournament where the best 64 collegiate seniors play in front of all NBA teams.
  • Black Girls Talk Sports attended two games:
    • Game 3: Thursday, April 13 – Portsmouth Sports Club (102) vs Cherry Bekaert (84)
      • Portsmouth Sports Club coaches: Mark Hall and Ethan Walker; NBA Assistant Coach Wesley Person; and Cherry Bekaert coaches: Ben Moore and Dennis Koutoufas; NBA Assistant Coach Trisha Stafford-Odom
      • Portsmouth Sports Club Lamond Murry, Jr. (Pepperdine) scored 25 points.
      • Cherry Bekaert Dallas Moore (North Florida) scored 20 points.
    • Game 9: Saturday, April 15 – Cherry Bekaert (98) vs Mike Duman Auto Sales (83)
      • Mike Duman Auto Sales coaches: Billy Barnes and Walter Westbrook; NBA Assistant Coach Tynesha Lewis
      • Cherry Bekaert Dallas Moore (North Florida) scored 22 points
      • Mike Duman Auto Sales Xavier Johnson (Colorado) scored 20 points.
    • After the game, Rekaya caught up with:
      • Jamel Artis (Pittsburgh) who played on the Mike Duman Auto Sales team
      • Gianna Smith, Old Dominion University Lady Monarch Basketball team member
    • Congratulations Damyean Dotson (Houston) 2017 MVP for the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

NBA Playoff Scores

  • Eastern Conference
  • Washington Wizards 114 and Atlanta Hawks 107
  • Chicago Bulls 106 and Boston Celtics 102
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 109 and Indiana Pacers 108
  • Milwaukee Bucks 97 and Toronto Raptors 83
  • Western Conference
  • Golden State Warriors 121 and Portland Trailblazers 109
  • San Antonio Spurs 111 and Memphis Grizzlies 82
  • Houston Rockets 118 and Oklahoma City Thunder 87
  • Utah Jazz 97 and Los Angeles Clippers 95
  • Rekaya’s predictions: Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers in NBA Finals

WNBA Draft

  • Congratulations to players who were drafted!

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