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Jul 4, 2021

Hosts Rekaya Gibson and Angela Spears have a conversation with RJ White, the first Black female President of the Vipers Pro Men’s Basketball team. She discusses what it takes to own a semi-professional men’s basketball team and how she prepares players to play basketball overseas. She mentions requirements to play for an American Basketball Association (ABA) team and explains the unique ABA rules. She also shares why she wants to become the first Black female to own an NBA team. #KeepItSporty

About RJ White

RJ White is the first Black female President of the Vipers Pro Men's Basketball Team located in Gurnee, Illinois. She maintains working relationships with several foreign countries, including Asia, Turkey, France, Europe and the Caribbean, allowing the Vipers to become the largest networked basketball organization in the world. RJ aims to continue growing her legacy by owning professional basketball teams abroad and becoming the first Black female NBA Team owner, too." Connect with her on Twitter @itsrj_white and Instagram @rjwhiteofficial.

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